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Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Powerful writing creates powerful businesses. My writing services are all geared towards building brand loyalty, improving interaction with your customers, and above all, providing your business with quality content. The following services can be requested individually, or they can be incorporated into a content marketing package based on the needs of your business.

Aside from social media, blogging is one of the most effective forms of content marketing businesses can use. By providing useful information, product announcements, and regular updates through your blog, you help build customer loyalty to your brand while simultaneously increasing your website’s visibility to search engines. I specialize in writing blogs that are fun, informative, and specific to your business and industry.
Articles are more in depth than blogs, but ultimately they accomplish a similar purpose. Ranging anywhere from 400 to 1000 words, well written articles can be used in journal and magazine publications, as well as by various online news websites. In addition to writing the articles, I perform all of the necessary research associated with producing them.
Predominantly used in email marketing, newsletters can help small businesses and organizations save money on printing costs while still providing their clientele with information about events, product information, and tips and suggestions pertaining to your business. Newsletters are also a great way to give customers a look into the internal workings of your organization. From staff interviews to CEO updates, I look for all the angles that will pack your newsletters with fresh and exciting content for your subscribers.
Good website content is the cornerstone of building your online presence. My goal is to combine your vision for your website with your passion for your business and turn it into content that gives your customers that personal touch, which is essential for building brand loyalty. All website content I create is SEO friendly, well researched, and 100% unique to your business.
Social media has become an explosive method of content marketing, largely due to its ever expanding reach into diverse markets. I currently offer regular posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I do not provide video or photo editing services for YouTube, Instagram, and Vine; however, I can produce marketing scripts and post videos and photos provided by you to your social accounts.

To find out more about my content writing services, or to request a quote, please contact me here.

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Keeping your current audience engaged is just as important as attracting new customers. As an experienced content writer, my focus is on helping small businesses across Michigan provide their audience with content that is entertaining, helpful, and shareable. No matter how new or experienced you are with social media, my marketing services can take your business to the next level.
One bad review is more than enough to give your business a negative online presence. Quality reputation management services will ensure that you are getting the right amount of positive publicity and that your business is being represented accurately and fairly online. Reputation management includes closely monitoring and responding to both positive and negative reviews or interactions on Facebook, Twitter, blog forums, Yelp, and other websites where reviews of your business may be posted. It also includes generating articles, blogs, or press releases that highlight your business.
Coming up with topics and putting together insightful articles and blog posts can take a great deal of time and effort. As your content writer, I focus on delivering thorough and creative blogs and articles on a consistent basis while you focus your efforts on running your business. All of my business articles and blogs are written for quality, while also reinforcing SEO techniques.
No small business marketing is complete without good old fashioned sales copy. From something as simple as an introductory sales email, to regular newsletters and brochures, I work with you to create sales copy that is informative, persuasive, and original. Additionally, I offer the added benefit of assisting you in putting together a content campaign to direct and organize your online marketing efforts.
Getting your products ready for the online market involves more than just good pictures. Excite your customers about their purchase with well written product descriptions and truthful reviews of the items. All product descriptions and reviews are written to capture the attention of search engines, ensuring that your products will be visible to consumers.

To find out more about my small business marketing services, or to request a quote, please contact me here


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About Me

About Me


Even as a kid, English was always my favorite subject of study. I was raised to have an appreciation for the way words worked together to form coherent thoughts. For me, a person’s command of their own language is a true gauge of their intelligence.

Despite the fact that the Internet and technology have given us so many fast and effective ways to communicate with each other, our overall language skills have declined. A countless number of people use the written word to express their thoughts, share their feelings, and to give instruction; but few actually do so correctly. Helping individuals and business owners alike is what drives me to constantly reevaluate myself as a writer and editor, ensuring that I am providing the most professional writing services to my clients.

My Background

While in school, I supported myself as a legal secretary in addition to doing freelance writing. The most enjoyable aspect of working as a legal secretary was writing and editing pleadings. Due to the nature of our work and the sheer volume of files, attention to detail was absolutely crucial to avoid fines and to protect the reputation of our attorneys. This position also gave me exposure to many of the different business documents that required strong writing and editing skills.

Still, I enjoyed the flexibility and excitement that freelance writing provided. Each assignment was something different and more challenging than the previous. Additionally, my clients came from all walks of life and different industries. Though my skills and knowledge are always put to good use, working as a freelance writer and editor meant that I was in a constant state of learning. Eventually, I made the decision to make my love of writing and editing my full time job. I am truly happy to say that I have not looked back since.

My Passion

One thing that I have learned as a freelance writer and editor is that money and prominence cannot be your motivating force. The reality is that some months are better than others when it comes to money, and you are in no way guaranteed any sort of recognition. In fact, I do not receive credit for 90% of the things that I write.

I will not lie and say that I don’t care about the money (I was never the starving artist type). Yet, the recognition means very little to me.  After all, if someone else is not willing to put their name on my work, it couldn’t be all that great. My sincere passion for writing and preserving the integrity of the written word is what pushes me to excel for my clients.  Successful communication is at the heart of every business or organization. Effective storytelling is what turns novels into masterpieces. My passion is making sure that the world never loses sight of those truths.

My Commitment

When I interviewed for job opportunities, I remember always being asked that dreaded question: “Why should we hire you?”.  As much as I hate the question, I understand the value of it as a freelancer better than I did as an employee. The reality is that there are many freelancers you can choose from, and I am likely just one of the many stops on your search. I cannot deliver the moon and the stars to you, so I will not promise you that.

What I can promise you is that no matter the size, challenge, or how impossible your project may seem, I will help you see it through to its completion and I will always give you my very best. 9 times out of 10, I will even do it with a smile.