When I first got into content writing, I worked for a smaller marketing company.  Businesses were starting to get wise to the fact that landing pages and buying ad space online was not enough. The company that I worked for repeated the same mantra to each client; content is king.

As true as that still is today, I have noticed that a lot of businesses, and some marketing companies, never feel the need to qualify that statement. That lack of clarity has been the downfall of content writers and small businesses alike.  Instead of quality content being king, producing it in volume became the goal. Article spinners, plagiarized work, and a constant barrage of emails became acceptable forms of content; and it worked for quite some time. Until it didn’t.

What content writers and businesses forgot was that they are not the customers being served by the various search engines. There would be no need for search engines if consumers were not going online to browse products and services or to find reviews. At the end of the day, the goal of any search engine is to provide their customers with quality content that matches the parameters of their search.  Search engines are so advanced that it is not enough to simply throw a few key words into your articles and titles. These days no matter how much content you produce, if it is not valuable to consumers, it won’t add value to your business and marketing strategy.

Is content the king in today’s digital world? Absolutely… as long as it is crowned with quality.