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Business Formation

At the law offices of Ahmad & Akbar, we will guide you through every step of forming your business. Establishing your business as a legal entity is crucial to providing protection for both you and your assets. It is our goal to help you limit your personal liability should a dispute arise in during the life of your business. Our firm has ample experience forming businesses and we will give you the personal attention needed to help you decide what business structure will best fit your needs.

Determining Your Choice of Entity

Understanding the different forms of incorporation is a necessary step for all new business owners, regardless of the size of their business. Our firm will counsel you on the financial, legal, and contractual matters related to starting your business.

Typically, most businesses will incorporate as one of the following type of entities:
• A partnership
• Limited liability corporation
• Limited liability partnership
• S corporation or C corporation
• Professional corporation
• A sole-proprietor

In order to determine which structure is appropriate for your business, an attorney will sit down with you one-on-one and ask you detailed questions about your owners, members, and liability limits in addition to any other information relevant to your business.

Operational Procedures

Once your choice of entity has been determined, creating your operating procedures becomes a priority. Our attorneys will help you to create all the documents required to ensure that your business can start off running smoothly and give you a guide for the future. These documents can include items such as by-laws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, employee manuals, and severance agreements. Because we believe that each business is unique, you can be confident that the attorneys at Ahmad & Akbar will treat you with the utmost respect and provide you with personal and considerate service when helping you start your business.

Commercial Transactions

Regardless of what industry you are in, over the course of your business you will take part in a commercial transaction. Promissory notes, or other written agreements, are created with the intention of providing each party with the security that the other party will fulfill their portion of the deal. The attorneys of Ahmad & Akbar use our knowledge and client-driven approach to help you successfully complete the commercial transactions necessary to your business.

Complete your Transaction with Guidance

Commercial transactions require a significant amount of attention to detail to ensure that both parties are receiving fair treatment and are in full agreement of all the terms outlined within the contracts. Failure to have adequate legal assistance can result in damaging consequences due to a slight miscalculation or error. Even businesses who have been around for decades can be jeopardized due to a poorly reviewed transaction.

Some of the agreements involved in a commercial transaction include:
• Financing agreements
• Vendor Contracts
• Partnership Agreements
• Licensing Agreements
• Real Estate Leases
• Mortgages
• Deeds
• Shareholder Agreements
• Commercial Leasing

Our attorneys step in at the beginning to help you negotiate, draft and close out the entire transaction as well as create the legal documents that record the deal. By utilizing our knowledge of federal, state, and local tax laws, Ahmad & Akbar can assist businesses from all sectors through complex commercial transactions.

Corporate Governance

As part of our dedication to our clients, Ahmad & Akbar counsel private and public companies as well as boards of directors and board committee members on a variety of corporate governance and compliance matters. Our expertise allows us to advise on compliance areas involving the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the corporate governance rules of the NYSE and NASDAQ, and all other applicable federal and state laws.

Adherence to Changes

In recent years, companies have seen the federal government approve new pieces of legislation with the goal of intensifying the protocols for punishing businesses guilty of white collar crimes. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep abreast of the many changes in legislation and helping your company create effective policies and procedures that will help you enact competent and efficient compliance agendas.

Client Specific Advice

Our years of experience with corporate compliance has shown us that every company faces different challenges and unique circumstances. Some of the recommendations we make to our clients in regards to governance relating to executive succession; financial reporting irregularities; and internal investigations. In order to effectively advise on these issues, we combine our knowledge of mergers and acquisitions and litigation aspects of corporate governance matters.

In our commitment to helping our clients with corporate governance and compliance issues, we will analyze and advise on current client practices and policies, such as those pertaining to:
• Director independence and qualifications,
• Board structure and functioning, and
• Executive compensation affairs.

The attorneys at Ahmad & Akbar believe strongly in the value of taking preventative measures to ensure that your company remain compliance. You can rest assured that our extremely skilled lawyers will act quickly to lessen the legal ramifications in the event of a state or federal investigation.

Employment Litigation

At Ahmad & Akbar, we know that even with ideal planning and the best practices in place, employee issues will surface within the workplace. When preventative actions fail, our attorneys work quickly with employers to respond and contest employment discrimination suits.

Employment Litigation

Our first goal in protecting our clients form employment discrimination suits is to help them take preventative measures.

Using our extensive experience litigating employment discrimination claims, we help our clients put together comprehensive practices and policies in order to instruct their employees on the anti-discrimination laws and protect themselves from potential lawsuits alleging age, race, gender, national origin, religion and disability discrimination.

These policies and documents may consist of:
• Employee handbooks
• Hiring and terminating protocols
• Employment contracts
• Non-compete disclosures
• Confidentiality agreements
• A process for tracking employee complaints and disciplinary actions

No matter how far you go to protect your business, some employees will always try to exploit the anti-discrimination laws in their favor. Fortunately, the attorneys at Ahmad & Akbar combines our years of representing employers as well as employees in employment litigation to form a rapid reply to their allegations.

When employment discrimination suits cannot be prevented, we confer with our clients to create an in depth litigation strategy determined by the individual details of the case. Even though each case can be different, our experience in working on both sides of the courtroom enables us to anticipate the tactics used by the opposing party and be able to properly defend our clients in advance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Successfully purchasing and selling a business requires a skilled and personal effort on the part of your attorneys. Ahmad & Akbar specializes in handling mergers and acquisitions for small and middle market businesses, providing them with the expertise and service needed to negotiate the transition of assets, liabilities, and ownership between companies.

Merger and Acquisitions of Medical Practices

From the initial point of contact and negotiations down to the due diligence process and the final closing, Ahmad & Akbar will closely review and advise on the proposed deal, paying constant attention to the protection of your interests and focusing on minimizing the amount of risk. When buying and selling medical and dental practices, attention to detail is necessary due to the amount of assets and liabilities generally involved. Additionally, research is needed to make sure both businesses are in good standing within the medical community. In order to effectively represent your business, we use all of our resources to form a team dedicated to the successful completion of your deal.

Some of the services we perform in order to complete the transactions include:
• Negotiating the merger or acquisition
• Structuring the transaction
• Drafting legal documents including private placement offering documents
• Performing due diligence
• Closing the transaction utilizing the required professional service partners and vendors

No matter what your mergers and acquisitions deals demand, you can be sure that the attorneys at Ahmad & Akbar will go above and beyond to ensure that the purchase or sale of your medical practice is processed as efficiently as possible.

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